Event Book Giveaway: Soul Story and How to Grieve

All individuals who have pre-registered for The Art of Dying: Philosophy & Death have a chance to win our book giveaways. We will select three winners to receive digital copies of Tim Freke’s ‘Soul Story,’ and another three will receive hardcover copies of Michael Fontaine’s ‘How to Grieve’. Special thanks to Watkins Publishing and Princeton University Press.

After the event, we’ll reach out to all registrants to gather shipping information, and from there, we’ll randomly select the six lucky winners.

Soul Story

Tim Freke confronts our modern “soul crisis” rooted in the quest for meaning. His unique synthesis of science and spirituality reshapes our perception of reality, bestowing intellectual credibility upon the notion of the immortal soul. Freke reimagines evolution as the universe’s journey towards self-realization, culminating in the emergence of the “psyche” or “soul.” This perspective elevates us from cosmic insignificance to active participants in a meaningful cosmic story, asserting that our individual existence contributes to the universe’s self-awareness—a process that transcends mortality, as the evolution of the soul is, inherently, the evolution of immortality.

How to Grieve

Michael Fontaine’s translation resurrects Cicero’s Consolation, an ancient masterpiece that emerged from the depths of Cicero’s despair following his daughter’s death in 45 BCE. In this unique work, Cicero consoled himself with a blend of philosophy and motivational rhetoric, drawing from Greek philosophy and Roman history to convey that resilience, endurance, and fortitude are the path to overcoming grief and loss. This rediscovered gem, absent from the literary scene for centuries, has been faithfully revived by Fontaine, offering readers a timeless exploration of coping with the death of a loved one.

Mr. Freke and Prof. Fontaine are also esteemed guest speakers at our upcoming event!

Join us as we confront the mystery of death, a universal human experience that has both fascinated and frightened us. Through the wisdom of philosophy, we will seek answers and insights to help us navigate this uncharted territory.

We are pleased to announce that Plato’s Academy Centre will be donating 15% of the net revenue generated by donations from this event to the Hellenic Initiative, a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian crisis aid and economic development programs throughout Greece.

If your friend or loved one could use help coping with grief, confronting their own mortality, or wish to discover how the profound contemplation of death can inspire a life of purpose and fulfillment, please share the event link:

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