Support us

As soon as they hear about The Plato’s Academy Centre project, people often they tell us they’re 100% behind the idea. Then they ask “how can I support what you’re doing?”

Your support is extremely valuable to us. We couldn’t do this without the backing of people from different walks of life, who help the project, on many levels. The Plato’s Academy Centre is a nonprofit – technically it’s a “civil nonprofit association” or AMKE registered in Athens, Greece. As such, it mainly depends on individual volunteers. There are several other ways you can help the project, though.

How you can help:

  1. Social Media. Simply helping to spread the word can make a huge difference and costs nothing. You can subscribe to our email newsletter, follow our social media accounts, and share our posts with any friends, or online communities, that you think may be interested.
  2. Become a Patron. If you want to become a “friend” of The Plato’s Academy Centre, you can now subscribe to our Patreon page. You’ll have the option to donate an amount of your choosing monthly or annually – and we’ll be introducing a method of one-off donations soon. You will benefit from access to our Patreon community, including exclusive content and offers. (News: We’re about to revamp and improve our Patreon page and offers, as of the start of 2022.)
  3. Volunteer. We’re always looking for new volunteers. We get a lot of general offers of help. So if you can tell us about specific relevant skills or ways in which you could possibly help that will make it easier to respond.
    • We have a limited number of opportunities for informal mentors and members of our official board of advisors, which consists primarily of senior academics and succesful authors, with an interest in making Greek philosophy more accessible to the public.
    • Periodically, we’ll be putting out calls for other volunteers via our social media accounts and email newsletter. Stay tuned for opportunities.
    • If you’re an author or academic, or have a story to tell, you may also want to contact us to see about opportunities to speak at one of our webinars or virtual conferences.
  4. Publicity. If you’re a blogger, podcaster or journalist, and want to cover The Plato’s Academy Centre, you could help raise awareness of our project by interviewing members of our team. Email us for more information.
  5. Suggestions. If you have any helpful suggestions or think you can potentially work with and support the project in other ways please feel free to get in touch by email.

Likewise, if you have any questions about the project, please drop us a line.

Thanks for your interest in supporting the project!

Donald Robertson
President of The Plato’s Academy Centre