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We are pleased to announce that Plato’s Academy Centre will be donating 15% of the net revenue generated by donations from this event to the Hellenic Initiative, a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian crisis aid and economic development programs throughout Greece.

Prepare to embark on a profound journey into the heart of human existence at our virtual symposium, “The Art of Dying: Philosophy and Death.” This event invites you to explore the complex, deeply personal terrain of death through the illuminating lens of philosophy. We are honored to present leading authors and compassionate psychotherapists who will guide you through a transformative experience, offering wisdom for the graceful acceptance of mortality.

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The Art of Dying: Philosophy & Death virtual conference The Art of Dying: Philosophy and Death, our upcoming virtual symposium, promises an extraordinary journey into the depths of human existence. Here, we proudly present a stellar lineup of speakers who will guide you through a profound exploration of life’s most intricate facets, particularly the enigma …

Event Book Giveaway: Soul Story and How to Grieve

All individuals who have pre-registered for The Art of Dying: Philosophy & Death have a chance to win our book giveaways. We will select three winners to receive digital copies of Tim Freke’s ‘Soul Story,’ and another three will receive hardcover copies of Michael Fontaine’s ‘How to Grieve’. Special thanks to Watkins Publishing and Princeton …