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The Art of Dying: Philosophy & Death virtual conference

The Art of Dying: Philosophy and Death, our upcoming virtual symposium, promises an extraordinary journey into the depths of human existence. Here, we proudly present a stellar lineup of speakers who will guide you through a profound exploration of life’s most intricate facets, particularly the enigma of death. These leading authors and compassionate psychotherapists are poised to share their wisdom, offering insights that will empower you to embrace mortality with grace and profound understanding.

This symposium beckons those with a thirst for introspection and philosophical inquiry. Together, we will confront the universal experience of death, a concept that has both intrigued and unnerved humanity for centuries. Through the profound wisdom of philosophy, we will seek answers to life’s most profound questions, reshaping our perspectives and inviting a deeper understanding of the mysteries of existence.

Our mission is always to promote philosophy as a way of life, making it accessible to all. This is why all of our events are free of charge. However, you may also donate an amount of your choosing. Your generosity keeps us hosting events like these. Donations also go towards the development of a PAC on-site location near the original Plato’s Academy in Akadimia Platonos, Athens.

Check out our current lineup of speakers!

Tim Freke is the author of The Jesus Mysteries and Soul StoryHe will be speaking on “The Evolution of Immortality”.

Dr. Rachel Menzies, author of Mortals: How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society, will be speaking on “Accepting death: The key to psychological equanimity”.

Tim LeBon, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and author of 365 Ways to Be More Stoic, will be speaking on “Seneca and the Shortness of Life”.

Dr. Kate Hammer, existential psychotherapist, author of Joyful Stoic Death Writing, and Kathryn Koromilas, creator of the 28 Days of Joyful Death Writing with the Stoics programme, will be presenting together: “The Forays to Face Finitude: Stoic contemplation, communitas, & creative action”.

Dr. Scott Waltman, author of Socratic Questioning for Therapists and Counselors and The Stoicism Workbook, will be speaking on “Socrates: Fearless in the Face of Death”.

Michael Fontaine, author of How to Grieve: An Ancient Guide to the Lost Art of Consolation (Cicero) will present “Cicero on Grieving the Death of a Child”.

Prof. Michael Cholbi is the Executive Director of the International Association for the Philosophy of Death and Dying and author of Grief: A Philosophical Guide. His presentation will be on “Grief in Ancient Philosophy: Stoic Self-sufficiency or Aristotelian Interdependence?”

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Join us in this intellectual and emotional adventure, as we also explore the complexities of grief and loss, offering practical guidance and emotional support. Our aim is to help you find solace and resilience, ultimately inspiring a life rich in purpose and fulfillment. Instead of fearing death, we will celebrate it as an illuminating milestone on the path to a meaningful existence. You are invited to join kindred spirits on this transformative journey, forging connections that will endure long after the symposium concludes, enriching your understanding of life and providing solace in the face of life’s uncertainties.

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