What is at the location?

There’s a 35 acre public park containing the ruins of several ancient buildings. This was the location originally of the Academy gymnasium, or public park, where Plato taught philosophy.

In the nearby square, beside the entrance to the park, there is a small digital museum dedicated to the history of Plato’s Academy, a statue of Plato, and some local cafes and restaurants. The park is in central Athens, roughly 20 minutes walk from the main tourist districts.

What sort of events will take place at the Centre?

The venue will be available for a variety of events. However, we’re particularly interested in hosting events that promote Greek philosophy and literature.

The Centre will organize events based on Plato’s dialogues and the Socratic method of questioning. We propose to hold international conferences here, including a literary festival and conference featuring best selling authors of popular books inspired by Greek classics.

Will the Centre only focus on Plato’s Philosophy?

No, it will be somewhat broader in scope. There will be a focus on celebrating Plato’s writings, and also the philosophy of his mentor, Socrates, who is known through other sources, such as the writings of Xenophon. Students at Plato’s Academy read poets such as Homer and Euripides and studied a range of literature. Our new Centre likewise promote the study of ancient Greek philosophy and literature in general.