Prepare to embark on a profound journey into the heart of human existence at our virtual symposium, “The Art of Dying: Philosophy and Death.” This event invites you to explore the complex, deeply personal terrain of death through the illuminating lens of philosophy. We are honored to present leading authors and compassionate psychotherapists who will guide you through a transformative experience, offering wisdom for the graceful acceptance of mortality.


Embracing Life’s Most Profound Questions: Join us as we confront the mystery of death, a universal human experience that has both fascinated and frightened us. Through the wisdom of philosophy, we will seek answers and insights to help us navigate this uncharted territory.

Coping with Loss

Grief touches us all, but it doesn’t have to be faced alone. Our symposium will provide you with practical guidance and emotional support for navigating the complex terrain of loss, helping you find solace and resilience in the face of adversity.

Living a Life of Meaning

Discover how the profound contemplation of death can inspire a life of purpose and fulfillment. Learn from our experts how to live in such a way that death becomes not a feared end but a celebrated achievement, illuminating the path to a meaningful existence.

Join Us for a Transformative Journey

We invite you to join this virtual gathering of kindred spirits, seeking to explore the human condition and celebrate the art of living and dying. Together, we will embark on a profound and emotionally resonant exploration of life’s most profound questions.

Book Giveaway!

Everyone who preregisters for this event is eligible to win a digital copy of Tim Freke’s Soul Story! Three winners will be selected at random!

Tim Freke confronts our modern “soul crisis” rooted in the quest for meaning. His unique synthesis of science and spirituality reshapes our perception of reality, bestowing intellectual credibility upon the notion of the immortal soul. Freke reimagines evolution as the universe’s journey towards self-realization, culminating in the emergence of the “psyche” or “soul.” This perspective elevates us from cosmic insignificance to active participants in a meaningful cosmic story, asserting that our individual existence contributes to the universe’s self-awareness—a process that transcends mortality, as the evolution of the soul is, inherently, the evolution of immortality.

How to Register

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Not available or in a different time zone? Don’t worry as recordings of all presentations will be provided


  • Dr. Rachel Menzies, author of Mortals: How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society
  • Dr. Kate Hammer, existential psychotherapist, author of Joyful Stoic Death Writing, and Kathryn Koromilas, creator of the 28 Days of Joyful Death Writing with the Stoics programme
  • Dr.. Scott Waltman, author of Socratic Questioning for Therapists and Counselors
  • Tim LeBon, author of 365 Ways to Be More Stoic
  • Timothy Freke, author of The Jesus Mysteries and Soul Story
  • And more speakers to be confirmed.

Who will be hosting?

Our hosts will be Donald Robertson, the president of the Plato’s Academy Centre, and Anya Leonard, the founder and director of the Classical Wisdom website.

NB: Details of this event may be subject to change without notice.