Plato’s Academy Centre

A new project in the heart of Athens

Philosophy as a Way of Life

How would your organization like to hold its event at the original location of Plato’s Academy?

We’re proposing to lease and refurbish a building overlooking Plato’s Academy Park for use as an international conference centre. Once events are up and running we intend to build a new purpose-designed conference facility in the area, close to the original philosophical school of Plato. People will come from all over the world to attend events here in central Athens. This is a nonprofit organization so money will be used to improve the facility and to support renewal of the area surrounding Plato’s Academy Park.
We aim to attract corporate and academic clients seeking to organize events here. It’s through this source of revenue, and others, that we will ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, for the benefit of Greece, and particularly Athens and the local community surrounding Plato’s Academy.
Increased business will mean more tourism and a greater need for restaurants and hotels in the area. We want to see the Akidimia suburb thrive. This project makes use of its innate potential as an iconic historic and cultural location to bring foreign investment into Greece, in a way that is directly linked to urban renewal.

Platos Academy. 2021.


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