Announcing Marcus Aurelius Anniversary Event

Join our free virtual event on 26th April, to mark the birthday of the Stoic philosopher

You are invited to join our special symposium on the life and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, the famous Stoic Roman Emperor. This virtual event, hosted by The Plato’s Academy Centrewill take place on 26th April, to commemorate his birthday. Register today, via EventBrite, and join Donald Robertson and Dr. John Sellars, as they discuss what we can learn from the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius to improve our lives today, in the modern world.

John is an academic philosopher, currently a Reader in Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London, a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London. He is also the chair of Modern Stoicism, and on the board of the Aurelius Foundation. Donald and John have both written several books about Stoicism, including recent ones on Marcus Aurelius.

John is the author of Marcus Aurelius for Routledge’s Philosophy in the Ancient World series, wrote an introduction for Farquharson’s translation of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius for Macmillan Collector’s Libraryand he is the editor of the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Donald has written three books on Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, a self-help book based on him; Verissimus, a graphic novel about his life; and the forthcoming biography of him for Yale University Press’ Ancient Lives series.

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